Retirement Countdown

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Great Weekend

Hello there! It was a great weekend, nice to blow off some built up steam. As I mentioned in the last post, this weekend was going to be about paintball and golf, I did both. My wife, Shayna, is the best wife on the planet to allow me to do that, she probably enjoys the quiet for the couple of hours that I'm gone! haha. In the above picture you can see everyone looking at me and laughing, I made a smart a#$% comment and they laughed. Imagine me making a comment like that! haha. Golf went really well today, I shot a 102. I would have broke the 100 stroke mark, but I ended up shooting a 10 on a par 5, it destroyed my chances of hitting the goal. Oh well, there are many more days of golf ahead of me, I'll eventually do it!
I want to thank Ms. Mcgovern for including me in her dissertation for her Master's Degree in London. She called me about a month ago and scheduled a phone interview with me about my blog. Specifically the parts when I was writing while deployed in Afghanistan. It was a great paper on how the news differs between "big media" and the information being passed on by "bloggers". Very interesting and well written, I wish her luck.
I've been looking at my hit list of what countries have been reading my entries and noticed that there have been some hits from Puerto Rico. I was stationed at Roosevelt Roads from 1992-1994. Just interested to hear from someone down there to see who you are and what it is like down there now that the base is closed. Drop me a line sometime at Well I think that's about it for this week. Take care.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Duty Weekend

Hello, well another duty weekend completed! It was a little busier than usual, called in at 1030 pm on Friday night and stayed until 2am Saturday, then called in at 0630am on Sunday until 1000 am or so. At least they were spread apart! While working I was thinking to myself when I'm a civilian I would be making at least $600 or so for coming in for those days, not going to be too bad at all! Have I said lately that I can't wait to retire and start working on a second career? haha. Shayna went to support one of her friends in a figure competition and enjoyed the heck out of La Jolla, CA. She said that it was absolutely beautiful, I'm glad she had the opportunity to go hang out with the girls for a weekend, we all need that every now and then. This upcoming weekend we are having another paintball war on Saturday and then I'm golfing on Sunday morning, hopefully I'll break 100 strokes this time! Well that's about it for this week, I'll write more next week.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Number 13

Hello, well it was a great weekend! Friday I drove down to Anaheim/Huntington Beach, CA for the Disney 1/2 Marathon. I met one of my good friends, Mike, for the race. It was nice to see him since we ran our first 1/2 Marathon exactly 4 years ago! I was worried checking into the Hilton and my room number was 313, I'm kind of superstitious and thought it was going to be a problem! I don't have any pictures from the race yet, they'll be on the next entry. Shayna didn't come down with me because it would be too much of a downer watching Mike and I happy after the race, she still isn't 100% for running yet, it'll come! We hit the Dodger-Giants game at Dodger Stadium on Friday night. The first picture was funny because that police command vehicle was parked out in front of the entrance to our section of the stadium, we called it the "Ghetto Section"! We sat on wooden benches and ate all the food we could, which was included in the price, so you could imagine the lines and smells by the bathrooms. Honestly I wouldn't have wanted to be in any other section, the people were really a lot of fun and really into the game, great experience. You can see in the second picture I'm wearing a Dodger hat, although I'm a die hard Reds fan. I called the wearing of the Dodger hat a form of life insurance! It worked, I'm alive! There were a couple of Giants fans sitting in front of us that went through absolute hell during the entire game, good on them though for coming out to support their team. The last picture is taken from the parking lot, LA is in the background. Saturday we went golfing at Meadowlark Golf Course in Huntington. Challenging course, beautiful, but it was the longest game of golf known to man, just short of 6 HOURS! It was packed. Mike and I did so bad that we stopped keeping score at hole 13 or so. We met some nice locals there also, great day. Sunday we woke up at 3:30 in the morning to head out to the race, yep 3:30 in the morning. We were lined up and ready to start at 5:15 when the race actually started at 6:00. Great weather, 60s with cloud cover. My personal best for 1/2 marathons is 1hr 43min, I finished this one in 1hr 46min, I felt great the entire race and afterwards. Mike started the race with an Achilles injury and it held him back the entire race, good for him for pushing through though. We went out and had some beers later that night and then laid out on the beach on Monday, where I got an impressive sunburn. Wind, cooler weather and cloud cover is a bad mixture, it was a ninja sunburn, didn't feel it happening at all. I'm really glad to be home with Shayna and am looking forward to the Army 10-miler in DC toward the end of October. My cousin from Pennsylvania and my brother from Florida will be coming to compete, should be a good weekend. Well that's about it for this entry, take care.