Retirement Countdown

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Great Holiday

Hello! I hope everyone has had a great Christmas, ours was fantastic! First of all we did not make the trip to the mountains the weekend prior to Christmas, heavy snowfall was predicted and everyone didn't want to get stuck up there for a week or so! We ended up going to Shayna's boss's house and had some drinks, overall a good time, nice and relaxing. I was on call Thursday through Sunday over Christmas, there were 6 baby deliveries with no c-sections, praise the Lord! So I was stressed for 4 days, but didn't get called in, great Christmas present. Christmas day was spent over at our General Surgeon's house, he's a great surgeon and a fantastic cook, I think he missed his calling! haha. We had a standing rib roast, homemade rolls, etc., it gave my Grandmother's cooking a run. I got a bunch of Bengals stuff from Shayna, golf balls, tees, wallet, so I'll be ready for next season when they make their run for the Super Bowl! woohoo. New Year's Eve will be spent at a fellow OR Nurse's home. She lives on a farm, so it's bon fire time, takes me back to the good days back in Kentucky, gonna be a blast! I should be adding a picture coming up soon, have to find my camera first. Take care and have a great New Year!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Break Time

Obviously I haven't put any posts up lately, sorry about that! Nothing much going on, just trying to pre-plan my departure from the Navy. Sounds like it would be an easy task, but nothing in the Navy goes easy, or as planned. The big issue, as always, is staffing. I'm trying to take leave that I have accrued over the past year or two and due to staffing it just doesn't work out. Other that that nothing much going on. Shayna and I will be going to a cabin in the mountains with some of her friends, should make for some good photos, I'll write more when we finish that trip. Take care and I hope everyone's holidays have been and will be great!