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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

514 Steps

When you want to make a phone call you probably just reach for your cell phone or your wireless home phone. When I want to make a call I have to take 514 steps to reach a phone. Believe me I’m not complaining, being able to call Shayna every day is fantastic. Yes, I’m very bored, if you can‘t tell by the fact I‘m counting steps! Haha. We have been sitting in Kuwait for 10 days now wondering what the heck is going on. We received some information today at least. The word is that we will be going to Kandahar or Bastien, don’t know when or how but we know we may be going to one of those two places. The 6 of us that are stranded here on the island of misfit toys are still very psyched to go, but the waiting does take a little toll on your motivation. Our buddies that left for Afghanistan a couple of days ago were met with rain, mud and a fallen soldier ceremony, I’m glad we missed that evolution. Things always work out though, it looks like Farah is heating up, the Police Chief was assassinated and according to the Stars and Stripes a US air strike killed 30 civilians and the locals are in an uproar. Probably not a good place to be right now! So our day consists of getting up to the sounds of the bugle call at 0600, going to eat breakfast, going to the phone center to call Shayna, let my food digest and then hit the treadmill at 0900, shower, relax, go eat lunch at 1115, relax, go eat dinner at 1800, call Shayna, relax, read and then sleep. That pretty much covers my day, at least I’m not getting shot at! That’s about it for today I’ll write more as we find out more info. Shayna I miss and love you very much, everyone else take care!

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  1. 514 steps to the phone. Thats the heighth of boredom, counting steps. Its also the sign of an active mind. LOL