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Friday, July 31, 2009

Cease of the Cease Fire

This week we were in the middle of a cease fire that was requested by the Taliban but it was short lived. I don’t know the whole story of why, all we hear are speculations, but we were feeling the effects for the couple of days it lasted. The case load had gotten very light, which was a good thing here and I’m sure it was wonderful in Bastion who had been getting hammered with patients since they had arrived. It didn’t last long though, we’ll see if it will ever happen again. Either way we are still ready to rock, so bring it on!
As of 31 JUL we have done surgeries on injuries caused by the following; 64 gunshot wounds, 60 improvised explosive devices (IEDs), 5 suicide vehicle bombers, 5 suicide vest bombers, 4 rocket attacks and 31 non-battle injuries (appendectomies, etc.) These cases were completed by the Danish/US team and the Dutch/US team combined, it does not include the cases that the Canadian/US team have completed on alternate primary call days. It’s been busy, but a lot of fun and a fantastic learning opportunity. So far I have scrubbed 70 hours and enjoying every minute.
The picture is of me scrubbed in to a craniotomy case with Dr. Christie and Dr. Trache. I’ve been told that I need pictures of me actually working because no one would believe me! Haha. I tried to get a picture of the Noodles surgical team but I couldn’t catch up with the person that has the card in their camera with it. I forgot my camera when we took the pick, perfect! Hopefully I’ll post it in the entry next week.
Shayna is doing great, so far a much smoother ride than the first surgery. I’m very proud of her being able to go through the stress of two surgeries, a move to Wisconsin and still being able to complete her courses for her Masters degree, way to go hun! Woohoo!
27 JUL: 1. Washout right ulna. 2. Bronchoscopy, removal of needle. 3. Open reduction internal fixation mandibular fracture, tracheotomy. 4. Thoracotomy. 5. Fasciotomy left lower extremity. 6. Removal of shrapnel c4-c5 vertebrae on 5 year old kid.
29 JUL: 1. Craniotomy. 2. Facial reconstruction. 3. Washout and closure left arm, washout and external fixation right ulna. 4. EGD.
31 JUL: 1. Washout left lower extremity. 2. External fixation left radius. 3. Open reduction internal fixation left humerus. 4. Washout right leg, external fixation adjustment. 5. Craniotomy. 6. Wound vac change right leg. 7. Washout bilateral legs, removal of shrapnel. 8. Appendectomy.
Shayna I love and miss you very very much and I can’t wait to see you. Time is flying by. Everyone else take care and I’ll see you soon.
Janine, thanks for the Danish cookies, everyone in the OR loved them, and we hope that you’re having fun in Bastion, let us know how it’s going.

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  1. Hey Dave, I'm at EMF-K. How can I contact you? I have some questions. Take care. - John D.