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Friday, October 9, 2009

Morality ends....

When does morality end and reality start? That was a big discussion between some of the newbies and us. I am of the firm stance that the “detainees” are pieces of you know what and they should be treated that way. Of course that got the attention of a lot of the people around me and I was immediately blasted by them stating that deep down inside they are people also. Obviously they have not seen the carnage that we have been exposed to thus far caused directly by the “detainees who are people deep down inside“, we’ll see how their attitude is about halfway through their deployment. I’ve been in many cases where a coalition fighter has passed due to the piece of crap that is sitting in the trauma bay awaiting treatment. Don’t get me wrong, I will do everything humanely possible to save a life and have done so, no matter who’s it is, but who they are and what they stand for is always in the back of my mind. Much like Ramadi, Iraq when we had two higher ranking US individuals brought to us with massive gunshot wounds to their heads, dead. The person who was responsible for their wounds was on our OR table, that is a very tough thing to go through. Hopefully the new team doesn’t have to deal with situations like that and they can go on believing that the Taliban are good people deep down inside. Woohoo! Sorry about that, I just had to get that off of my chest, it was bothering me! Haha.
The pictures this week are of me sitting and waiting on a trauma in the background, we ended up bringing him to the OR to treat a gunshot wound, basic washout, no big deal. The sign is of Trauma Baywatch, I guess I’m David Hasselhoff, sp? Haha. The OR team always stands in this area and watches the bays to see what surgeries we will be doing, thus Baywatch.
Shayna is doing great. She is going to have her first meeting with the USAF officer recruiter this upcoming week. Hopefully all goes well. She wants to start communicating with them now to get herself recognized and on the front page of their minds, smart move. She will be finishing her Master’s degree mid-next year and the qualification test for the USAF should be complete by then. After that it should be just a waiting game to see if she gets in or not. If she is not selected then she is going to turn her sights on the Army. Either way she will have a rewarding experience, and not in direct danger which is a good thing!

Hours worked:
5 OCT 09: 7 Hours
7 OCT 09: 11 Hours
9 OCT 09: 16 Hours
108 GSW
122 IED
45 NBI
Another week down, about 4 to go, piece of cake. Shayna I love and miss you very much, can’t wait to see you. Everyone else take care and keep in touch.


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