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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home, well almost! It took a total of 43 hours of travel from Kandahar to Lemoore, CA. Three days after arriving in Lemoore, I picked up the new Explorer and drove 34 hours to Wisconsin to see my honey! The picture on the top left is the first meal we had at the Sundara spa in the Wisconsin Dells, fantastic, even though we really had no idea what we were eating! haha. The menu was written in "fancy words" and I'm from Kentucky! The picture on the top right is of me and Shayna having a glass of red wine, I had my Hugh Heffner robe on. The bottom left picture is of me and Shayna visiting some of her family, it is our official first picture of us after me seeing her for the first time in 8 months, great day!
Shayna is doing fantastic with her external fixation devices off of her legs, she is now swimming around 2.5 miles 4 times a week, awesome. I am still running and trying not to gain back all of the weight that I lost while deployed, it's definitely a challenge with all of the holiday foods surrounding me! I'm still not smoking and hopefully that holds out also.
My cousin Adrianna in Cleveland is thinking about joining the Air Force. She has been fantastic through my Iraq and Afghanistan deployments. She is constantly sending me messages and keeping me informed of what was going on back home. She is interested in being a Biologist, and is great with animals. I will support her through her decisions and am very proud of her of even entertaining the idea of serving her country. See you soon Adrianna!
I got a call from Keith in Kandahar the day before Thanksgiving, it sounds like things are heating up for those guys over there and I feel bad for not being there with them, well I feel bad at least for a minute or two! haha. Hang in there guys, you have a fantastic surgical team, kick butt!
We are hitting the road again on Monday morning for Cleveland to see family and friends, and then off to Cincy to see the rest of the family and friends. I can't wait. I'll be updating this again next weekend and hopefully every weekend thereafter. Take care and I'll be seeing everyone soon!

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