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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On the road again

We are in transit once again. We arrived in Kuwait around 0300 on 8 NOV 09. We immediately went to bed and got up around 0800. I finally was able to run outside again, and did 7 miles on a nice flat surface, without dirt and rocks, woohoo! At 1300 on 9 NOV 09 we turned in our weapons, it was like getting rid of a bad friend, it feels great not carrying around a piece of metal everywhere. I’m getting up at 0430 on 10 NOV to run the Marine Corps 5K, in celebration of the Corps’ birthday, should be fun, I think I’ll be getting another t-shirt for you Shayna, gotta love the t’s!

So far the WTP, Warrior Transition Program, has been surprisingly well coordinated, hard to believe being run by the Navy and everything. Haha. After the Marine run we come back and turn in our 2 seabags of gear that was never used, that will be a load off of our minds, literally. After the turn in I’ll be down to a 2/3 full seabag and a carry on, traveling light will be a welcome change. I’m at the point now that I throw away a pair of socks, underwear and t-shirt after each use, since everything has a wonderful light brown tint to it from the laundry in Kandahar.
I’m under the impression that our decompression classes start on Wednesday, and continue through Thursday and then we’re outta here. I love the feeling you get when the wheels leave the ground for the last time, it’s incredible. Everyone cheers and then settles in for two long legs of flight, but they go by really quick since we know we are on our way to see our loved ones. Can’t wait to see you hun.

I checked with the overseas sales office here today about my Explorer. It was built on the 2nd of November and was on the rail system for delivery on the 5th. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be there by this weekend. It will be a nice drive to Wisconsin either way, but I’m really hoping to break in the Explorer with a nice, relaxing, long drive.

I know that these paragraphs are not in chronological order, but I’m doing random entries so stick with me! Haha. I finished the 5K (3.2 miles) in 23 minutes, I cut a minute off of my best time! I felt pretty good afterward. Today we have a small stress class and then our doctor’s appointments to go over any injuries sustained while deployed. For me it’s the left ankle and a possible hernia, we’ll see what happens. Tomorrow, the 12th, should be pretty much free and then we’re outta here! Woohoo. I should be able to write a short entry at one of our stops, at least I’ll try to. Take care and I’ll be seeing everyone soon! Shayna I love and miss you, everyone else take care!


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