Retirement Countdown

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Another great week down! Last weekend was spent in Virginia visiting an ill grandmother of my X-wife, long story! She is doing fine and now out of the hospital. The chemo and radiation therapies have started and she's feeling pretty good considering. One problem occurred when they found that she had an allergy to the chemo agent, I'm not up on oncology so I have no idea what they are going to do about that. Needless to say she still needs everyone to think good thoughts for her and to throw some prayers her way.

In the picture is me, no I'm not the one in the middle with the saddle on! Amanda is the girl in the front and Terry is in the background being held. This was taken after Terry had finished with his riding therapy. It's a fantastic idea for children with medical problems. You can really see that his balance has improved as well as core strength. It was a very interesting afternoon watching that!

All is well here at home. We are working on getting a third OR nurse in to cover while my boss is in Afghanistan until approximately November, a third will help out tremendously. I'm still not crying too much about it though, at least I get to go home every night now! Well that's about it for this week. I hope everyone is doing great and changed your time an hour up, like me and Shayna forgot to do last night! Take care.


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