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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Celebrating by Shooting

It's been a busy week, and a blast! The first pic is of Shayna and I at Knotts Berry Farm near Los Angeles. We were on the Ghost Rider, a wooden roller coaster, and a rough one at that as you can tell by the terror in Shayna's face! haha. It beat us up pretty bad, but overall a fantastic ride. We spent about six hours or so going from coaster to coaster, the Xcelerator being our favorite. You start out by sitting in the car waiting to be brought to the top of the coaster and it takes off all of the sudden, spinning you to the precipice of the hill. You go from 0-55? mph in under 2 seconds, what a rush! We hit that one a couple of times since there was no line. Shayna's favorite one was the Silver Bullet which is a suspension coaster, and equally fun. If you want to know what is the best time to hit a theme park, it's the week before Memorial Day weekend, no line and not too hot yet.
The next pics are from today when we celebrated Memorial Day by declaring a paintball war on the Dental Department. We played approximately 6 games or so of capture the flag. We burned a lot of calories, which we immediately replaced by having a cookout of teriyaki chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs! What a blast and it increased the morale of both departments ten-fold. We will be trying to put together a challenge every month, I believe the people that played today are on board and I'm sure the word will spread like wild fire throughout the hospital about how fun it was. I foresee many people wanting to take us on in the future, well I hope at least! That's about it for this week, should be a fun one next weekend also, I'll keep you updated.
Take care.

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