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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Busy, Busy

It's been a busy weekend. Shayna's dad, Larry, and soon to be step-mom, Karen, came in town to visit. Friday Larry and I started the day with a 4 mile run, came home to shower and then we were off to Hollywood for Shayna's show at the INBC. Shayna had the judging phase at 0900 on Saturday. After that phase we went to eat at a sushi restaurant on Melrose Ave. It sounds glamorous, but in my opinion Hollywood and LA are filled with a lot of people which equals a lot of traffic and bad attitudes. I got a parking ticket for not putting money in the meter, on a weekend. I assumed that Hollywood was like all other states in the country and parking was free on the weekend, wrong! After that we drove to the Hollywood sign and took a picture. The second part of the competition started at 3:30 pm and lasted until 7:30 pm. We hit the road for home and arrived at around 10:30 pm. We woke up at 0745 and took off for the paintball field. The picture above is of Larry, Karen and I in between some of the games. They had a good time and got a lot of exercise along the way. Now we are just relaxing and watching some football, go Bengals tomorrow night. If they lose I have to wear a Steelers scrub hat and post it as my profile picture on Facebook for a week, God I hope they win! Well that's about it for this week. Take care.

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