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Saturday, February 28, 2009

On a dime

Isn't it amazing how life can change on a dime, or maybe a quarter due to today's economy! About a month ago I had my life planned for the next 3 years with Shayna, and my budget complete. Then the word came about the deployment, and wow how things have changed. For those of you not in the service, just imagine getting word that you'll be gone for a year starting next month and you can only take a limited amount of "stuff" with you. What would you pack into your sea bag? What would you do with your car, finances, home, family, etc? The weird thing is I like the challenge, and also love to help injured people the best I can. I've heard in the past someone describe a deployment to a war zone as, "long bouts of boredom interrupted by short moments of extreme chaos", that's exactly what it's like. My life changed again yesterday when I received my orders. I have been fully prepared for a year deployment to Afghanistan, the orders state that it's only going to be 220 days, bringing me back home sometime in November 2009 instead of July 2010. It doesn't seem like a large amount of time, but it affects the car, finances, home, family, etc.....again! Don't you love it? Well that's about it for now, my brain hurts from thinking about something to write about! haha. Take care.

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