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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Multinational Nurse at the Multinational Medical Unit

Okay so the picture looks weird, but it was funny doing it. I’m wearing the shorts from a Danish military uniform, a blouse from the Canadians and a hat from the Netherlands (Dutch), my name tag from the Army ACUs and of course some good old American firepower! Woohoo. As I’ve stated before it really is a cool thing to be able to work with so many different countries here, an opportunity that I will never get again. There are small differences on how the OR is run, but overall it is amazingly very similar. That was one of my main concerns coming here, would I be able to function with all new equipment in a foreign environment, literally! Everything is working out fine. Shayna and I have already been invited to visit Denmark and Amsterdam, Denmark we can do right away but Amsterdam will have to wait until I retire from the Navy so we can enjoy it to its fullest! Just kidding. I can’t believe that a month has passed already, time is flying and I’m certain that it will continue. It makes a huge difference being surrounded with so many top-notch professionals that all want to be here to help make a difference, or at least to help get the trigger pullers back out into the field! After 15 JUN I’ll have 9 paydays left until I’m home, piece of cake.

8 JUN: Washout of abdomen, bilateral legs, drain placement in neck. Had a casualty come in, coalition forces (Canadian) unfortunately, mine injury, leg amputation, had to do a thoracotomy in trauma bay, patient passed away. Very sad day.
10 JUN: Washout of everything on same guy. 5 US Army guys post IED (Improvised Explosive Device), did surgery on one of the guys, open tibia fracture, placed an exfix (external fixation), the rest were stable.
11 JUN: We were called in as the second OR team today. We washed out a GSW (gunshot wound) that entered the right side of the neck and exited through the right scapula (shoulder blade). He is in the Afghan Army and is a very lucky man, the bullet didn’t hit any other organs! Someone was on his side today!
12 JUN: We did a minor 5 minute case (EGD) on a US Army person today, that’s it! Good to be bored in the medical field.

I wanted to recognize the military presence of a couple more countries, I apologize if I’ve already mentioned them in the past, Scotland, Belgium and Romania. It’s nice to see all of the countries that are here with a common goal, kick the $#@$%$ out of the Taliban!

Today, 13 JUN, is a very good day, relaxing. I couldn’t run because the ankle is swelling up again, so I biked for 7 miles, it’s amazing the different muscles that are used, I’m sore in places that I shouldn’t be! Haha. That’s about it for this week, Shayna I love and miss you very much and I’m glad the surgery went well, thanks Ray for watching the cat it’s helping Shayna out tremendously, couple more weeks and he should be good to go to come home with Shayna. Everyone else take care!

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