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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Starting A New....

Starting a new running competition this week, it's called "The Lew Chase" on Nike+. We decided to call it that after Dr. Diulus who is a running machine and we'll all be chasing him throughout the duration of the challenge! It should be a lot of fun and increase morale a bit more. Shayna is adding another part to her already extensive training program, she received her Trek bike from her sister and brother-in-law for her birthday. Great bike! She is also going to dabble in a bit of "Skinny Girl Margaritas"! Shayna loves to watch the Real Housewife series, thus the interest in the alcohol! I don't know if she'll like it or not, I'll let you know after the test run, she does not drink at all, should be interesting! haha. That's about it for this week, short entry for a "normal" week. Take care.

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