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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Almost There

Almost there. "There" meaning a couple of things. First of which is posted above, it is a picture of my request for retirement from the Navy, almost there. Some funny person put the "denied" sticky note over the request, actually I thought that it was really funny. The second "almost there" is what I'm going to be saying for the next 400+ miles of running. We started a new running competition called "The Lew Chase" on Nike+, first to 500 miles in a year. Lew is our general surgeon and he is a running machine. We started the challenge this week and I've been almost there, meaning passing Lews total miles, several times but just can't get there. I've completed 51 miles so far this week and Lew is over 60. Of course I was shooting my mouth off on Thursday at work telling him that I was going to pass him by Monday. I ran 13.1 miles yesterday to take the lead, only to wake up this morning to see that I'm 22 miles behind again. I ran 5 more miles this morning and planning on doing a long one again tomorrow, in hopes that I'll be able to at least catch him! The camaraderie that the competition creates is fantastic, also the motivation is increased to run further which is always good for weight loss. This week has basically flown by with all the competitiveness going on at work, next weekend is another round of paintball, hopefully I'll have some good photos from that. Take care.


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