Retirement Countdown

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sorry about the time gap! Well I finally had a holiday weekend off for New Year's Eve, with fantastic plans to go to a co-worker's house and celebrate with a huge bash around a bonfire. That plan basically went down the toilet when I caught a heavy duty cold, not good! So basically I went to bed at around 10:00PM sick as a dog, while Shayna stayed up until midnight. Not fun for her at all, I owe her! haha. She didn't mind, and knows what I was going through because I gave her the cold, which she is experiencing now. Overall she is feeling much better. I'm getting everything organized for the next big run, the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey, a 178 mile, 12 man relay race on 3-4 JUN. So far only 3 of the 12 have been training, hopefully more will start soon. It's an interesting race, check out the website sometime. Our team name is going to be "Running With Sharp Objects", kind of fitting for a hospital team. Things are getting busier for Shayna at the gym, the new year's resolutionists have invaded the gym, hopefully she'll pick up some personal training clients soon. Well that's about it, I hope everyone is doing fine and having a great new year so far, take care.

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