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Friday, April 3, 2009

Hoorah to Hooahh, the Transition

First and foremost, I have hot water! Now an explanation on the title of this entry. Hoorah for the USMC, who we normally deploy with and Hooahh for the Army, who we're deploying with now. Chris K. a friend of mine from Lemoore asked me before I left if I knew the difference between the two. He said that Hooahh is what Hoorah sounds like when you have something in your mouth! It's been a great week catching up with two old friends from past deployments and work, Dan McClure and Anne Ashton, they definitely made it a tolerable week. I have their blogs listed under links if you'd like to follow what they will be doing in different parts of Afghanistan. Of course since we know each other we aren't deploying to the same place! Figures. I'm loving that I can contact Shayna so easily right now, that is making the time go by much more quickly than I imagined. Next week I'll be with the Army in South Carolina doing some training for a couple of weeks and then off I go to my final destination. Speaking of that, change 2 revision 5 on where I'm going to end up. I don't know if you noticed but I changed the weather and clocks on this page to denote Farah instead of Kandahar! As of now I'll be going to SW Afghanistan instead of the SE, not a bad deal. I was going to be close to Pakistan, now I'll be close to Iran, I guess I don't get to choose my poison! There are only 8 of us out of the 190 currently training that will be going to Farah, so it will be similar to when I was in Ramadi, Iraq. The advantage is that there will not be a lot of "busy work" that usually accompanies a deployment with a lot of personnel, thank goodness, I can't stand busy work! I'll be able to do some more entries while I'm in SC, after that it may be sporadic at best, I'll make it work though. Overall the gear issue and briefs were painless and well organized, which is a plus! Shayna I love and miss you much. Take care everyone, and you should be able to leave comments now even if you are not registered through blogspot. See ya!


  1. Well, speaking from experience, the Army provides 2 MREs and a hot meal every day. The hot meal is a warmed up MRE.


  2. That's funny, the guys loved that one! Well it's training time again in SC, not too bad so far, besides being in a 40 man open bay barracks, oh well it's only 3 weeks. Take care.