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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ready to Rock

Well day 2 completed, about 16 or so to go! woohoo. Yesterday was a very, very long day. Gear issue, classes and standing in lines took up most of the 16 hour day. Today started with Army physical training (PT) at 0545, followed by weapons issue and yes, more classes. So far the training has been well organized and mission specific, not too bad at all. Sorry about the picture being canted to one side, I couldn't switch it for some reason. I'm wearing the Army protective equipment, about 25 pounds, the M16 rifle, and a Beretta 9mm pistol on my right leg. Not comfortable at all, I can only imagine how it feels for the young Army guys and Marines that are kicking in doors wearing this equipment in the heat, a lot of respect goes out to them from all of us here! The first night I was complaining to Shayna about the living arrangements, but she cooled me down by saying that Afghanistan will be better! She's great. Tomorrow is our PT assessment, 1 mile run, and then a 4 hour class on something, the Drill Instructor said it's going to be death by power point, hopefully I can stay awake! That's about it for now, love and miss you Shayna, and everyone else of course. Take care.

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