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Saturday, January 23, 2010


"Aqua-flage" is a termed that was coined somewhere on the East Coast, that's hilarious! Our XO just came back from CO training and brought the term with her, I think that it will catch like wildfire, at least I'm going to do my part to spread it around! The real term for the uniform is the "NWU" aka, Navy Working Uniform. I really like it, looks cool, but I don't know what we are being camouflaged to? I was talking with a Soldier and he said, "Yeah it looks cool, but when you fall into the water off the ship you'll be camouflaged to the ocean and not rescued!", he also said that the camouflage should have been a mix of international orange and bright yellow. Sometimes you need the observation from someone on the outside to try to make sense of things. Anyway, cool uniform and I like it.

I thought I was going to be selected for another deployment last week. Word came out that we are sending a group to Haiti for the humanitarian effort, including one OR Nurse. Well let's see, we have a total of four OR Nurses, one is already leaving for Kandahar, one is retiring in April, and one has a pregnant wife that will give birth the first week in February, it certainly didn't look good for the home team. I told Shayna what was happening and all she could say is, "Oh no!". They decided to deploy the expectant father, was it a good decision, probably not, but it saved me from deploying again for who knows how long.

Shayna is doing really good in her studies, she only has to take one more class after this semester and then the Master's Degree in HR is completed! She is focusing on either; 1. rejoining the Navy, or 2. joining up with the Public Health Service. If neither of the two work out then it's off to Cape Coral, FL to bask in the sun! The future looks really good right now for the both of us!

Well that's about it for this week, I'll post something else next weekend, hopefully something exciting! haha. Take care and keep in touch.


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