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Friday, January 15, 2010

Moved again, home sweet home again!

Okay, it's the last move until 1 OCT 2011, I swear! Things are going great here, can't complain about anything. We moved into a nice house on base and I'm now 0.2 miles from work, it's a wonderful thing. I no longer have to stay in the hospital when on watch for cesarean sections, that's a good thing. If we hadn't moved on base I would've had to stay in the hospital every other day from April to November due to more personnel being deployed, not a good thing! Several people have been deployed in response to Haiti, they really need the help and we are sending a lot of top notch people, not me though, I believe I'm out of the deployment list for now. Shayna is doing fantastic in her studies, Masters in Human Resources, carrying a 3.8 gpa with 6 classes left! How did I find such a beautiful and smart wife? She is throwing around the ideas of either joining back with the Navy or going to the Public Health Service, either way I'm sure she'll do great. I'm back into the swing of things at work, we have a lot of new people that are working very well together, great team and that makes things go really smooth thus making work enjoyable. The other pics I posted are of Shayna relaxing after emptying around 50 boxes and one of Shayna with the acrobatic cat Mohinder, he's been a blast. Well that's about it for now, sorry about not uploading an entry last weekend, you can thank ATT for having lousy customer service! Take care.

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