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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I am on duty right now, Wednesday through Sunday, so no alcohol for me this season. We went to bed around 10 PM last night since we weren't doing anything. I was paged into work at 1225 AM and stayed there until 3 AM, we delivered the baby new year for our area! Pretty exciting stuff. When the pager went off I was immediately back in Kandahar, we always had a pager with us and I was once again thinking, belly, chest, head, extremities, it was a strange feeling. I spoke with one of my friends from this last deployment and he is starting to suffer from PTSD, it's too bad, and he has it bad. I hope everything goes well for him, I'm going to keep in touch and put him in touch with other friends of mine who suffer from it as well. My friend and I were talking at work yesterday about PTSD and were wondering if anything is ever going to happen to us like that in the future. I sure hope not. Shayna is doing well, still 12 miles a week in the pool and is now going to start biking. Her sister and brother-in-law, Andrea and Scott, got her a Trek bike for Christmas last year and now she is ready for it. I can only imagine how many mile she will be doing on that each week. Work is going really well for me, there's nothing like coming from a pretty intense deployment into a controlled surgical environment, it's a beautiful thing! I'm also much calmer, many people have told me that, never thought that I wasn't calm in the past, but it's a good change anyway! As of today I can officially say that I am retiring from the Navy next year! woohoo! Heck of a feeling to say that, it's been a long, fantastic trip. Well I didn't have any pics for this week but will put some on next. Take care and keep on reading.

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