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Saturday, April 3, 2010

First Run After Hernia Repair

The first run after a two-week lay off due to hernia surgery went well. The first picture is actually when I was walking before the run, not a bad recovery at all. Now I'm ready to start training for the Marine Corps Mud Run in Lemoore on 22 MAY, the Disney 1/2 marathon in Anaheim in September, and then finally the Army 10-miler in DC in October! woohoo. There are a bunch of my friends getting together for all three runs, it'll be nice seeing some of the people I was deployed with again. I spoke with my friend Keith that ran the OR in Kandahar after I left and he said that there are a bunch of people coming from Denmark, Holland, Canada and throughout the States to Vegas sometime in October. I'll definitely attend that if it all comes together. If any of you heard about that please email me at and fill me in.
The second pic is how our cat Mohinder gets our attention now. Very smart, but I still like watching TV so he'll have to try something else! haha. He's now 14 pounds, getting huge.
The last pic is of the welcome home signs for some of our local squadrons. It reminds me of the past when armies would return from battle to a huge celebration, it's nice to see that the tradition is holding strong on the base here.
Shayna is doing great and will be updating her blog also in a couple of minutes, check it out at the link to the right "Building Shayna". Well that about does it for the update this week, take care and keep in touch.

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