Retirement Countdown

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Reason #596

Well no pictures this week, I'd probably get in trouble from work if I posted pictures of me doing what I'd like to be doing! Now that was confusing, I even confused myself. To explain a little further, we are down to 2 OR nurses due to deployments, and that means we have duty every other day, every other weekend. Duty is carrying the pager just in case there is a c-section, appendectomy, cholecystectomy that needs to go to the OR. This becomes a problem when you get called in for a case around 1 in the morning, when they usually go, and then have to recover the patient, this equals an average of a 3 hour stay after the page. So that leaves us getting home at 4 in the morning, going to sleep for 2 hours, getting up at 6 in the morning and working a full day, not good, not safe and not smart! Now we knew in January that we were going down to 2 OR nurses on 9 April. We brought this point up at that time and were told that it was being covered, so much for that idea! We were finally told on 16 April that the contract is in place, I'm thankful for that but now we have to train a new employee to get him/her credentialed, etc., and that will take at least 3-4weeks, what a mess. I really don't think that it's our command's problem, I believe that the whole system is a mess. Can we bring it back to a simpler time? If you need a worker why can't you just go out and get one instead of going through mounds of red tape to get the problem solved. Believe me, with our economy in the toilet there are plenty of people that need jobs out there, am I right? Reason #596 I'm turning down Lieutenant Commander and getting out in 532 days, but who's counting? haha.

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