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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sorry Netherlands and Golfing

Well I was rooting for the Dutch in the World Cup finale, the outcome was obviously not in my favor! Sorry guys. The Dutch played a much more physical game than Spain and I like that type of play. There's always next, well no, maybe the year after, well no again, okay there's always 4 years from now! haha. I think the US will take it then! haha.
Finally got to pick up the sticks and hit the fairways yesterday. What a good time. I shot a 106 which is terrible for most players but better than average for me, so overall a good day. Our tee-time was at 0850 and finished around 1230 or so, just when the heat was becoming unbearable. A lot of water and Gatorade kept me from passing out! I rode in the cart with Bob who used to work with us at the hospital before retiring from the Navy, it was nice being able to spend some time with him and catch up. Hopefully I'll be able to go out again soon. Next weekend is another duty weekend so no leaving and then the following weekend we'll be near San Jose for Shayna's swimming competition. It is called the "Catfish Crawl", basically a 2-mile lake swimming race. I'm sure she'll do great, and also post a lot of pics from her adventure. My next race is creeping up, 5 SEP. Can't wait to see my old friends Mike and Herb, should be another good time. Well that's about it for this week. My condolences go out to the Netherlands, keep your heads up!

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