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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Worst Drivers

Shayna and I went to Morgan Hill, CA yesterday for her 2 mile open water swim this morning. She did great for her first competition finishing in 1hr 5 min! Fantastic! On the way there and back I was thinking about the State with the worst drivers, from my perspective. I came down to California and Virginia in a tie for first. The closer you get to Los Angeles the further in first place California goes! I just want to say to all the drivers in California, the left lane is for PASSING and the right lane is for SLOW drivers, or ones doing the speed limit. It's really not that hard! Traffic problems in this State would decrease exponentially if people would just follow that simple rule. I'm really proud of Shayna and she looked like she had the "high" that you get from completing a goal. She finished in the middle of the pack of seasoned swimmers which is saying a lot about how she did for her first competition. Nothing much planned for this week and I have duty again next weekend, have I said how much I hate my current work situation lately? haha. It's going to get better in September/October when we gain 2 OR nurses, I can't wait. Well that's about it for this week. Take care.


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