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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fun Day

Let me explain the picture! I just finished winning a challenge through Nike+ called the Kandahar Kup and the helmet was the trophy. The sticker on the front of it is the Afghanistan campaign medal. Myself and 3 others that were deployed to Kandahar last year decided to have a race to see who could hit 500 miles first, or who ran the furthest in a year whichever came first. The 500 miles were completed in 9 months, not too bad. You should see the insane challenge I'm in now, same criteria just running with a bunch of insane runners. We started on 11 JUN, two runners are already at around 350 miles leaving the rest of us mere mortals in the dust! I golfed this morning and shot a 109, unfortunately that is my norm. I am going to get a new set of clubs in October, maybe that will do the trick. Shayna is going through one Hell of a week, being the week prior to her competition. She has to eat and drink very little to get the muscles to pop out for the stage on Saturday. I think she will do very well. That's about it for this week. Take care.

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